Hye Thyme Cafe: Zombie Eyes ... And a Lesson Learned

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Zombie Eyes ... And a Lesson Learned

Zombie Eyes: Hye THyme Cafe

I threw these together at the last minute for an office pot-luck today. Strangely, the last time I made a version of these pretzel/kiss treats (Salty Kisses), I also had a lesson learned. That time, it was not to use the caramel-filled kisses. This time, it was not to use the Pumpkin Spice kisses. I don't know what they're made of, but it's apparently not chocolate! No matter what heat setting I tried, I couldn't get those buggers to melt. Makes you wonder.

Small Pretzels (preferably round waffle or wagon-wheel)
White chocolate Kisses (I could only find the Cookies n' Creme)
M&Ms or other small candies (I had some "eyes," so I used both)
Red and black icing 

  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment or foil, then with a single layer of prezels
  2. Top each pretzel with a Kiss
  3. Bake at 250 for about 8" until melty
  4. Press an M&M into each for the iris - they're zombie eyes, so it's OK to use the yellow, orange, and red even though they're not regular eye colors
  5. To make them bloodshot, pipe on a bit of red icing - I had a small tube I hadn't opened from Christmas, so I used that, but to create the pupils, I mixed a bit of powdered sugar into a spoonful of milk until smooth, then blended in black food coloring and used a small paintbrush to paint them on. You could do the same with red food coloring to give them that bloodshot look.
At the time I bought the Kisses, I was bummed I couldn't find the white/dark Hugs, thinking the built-in stripes would work for the bloodshot look when they were smushed by the M&M, but I actually think the Cookies n' Creme makes them even creepier, so that worked out fine. You can see in the photos that I did manage to use a few of the Pumpkin Spice Kisses - those look pretty creepy too, partially because instead of melting, the outside coating got flaky.

Zombie Eyes: Hye THyme Cafe

Zombie Eyes: Hye THyme Cafe

Have a spoooooky Halloween!

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