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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Lékué Deco Pen - My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Outline cookies, then flood with icing and decorate as desired.

This is by no means a sponsored post. It's not even a situation where the company sent me a product to sample. I just like it so much, I had to share my thoughts!

I received a set with my birthday presents over the summer but hadn't gotten around to using it until icing some cookies last week. Now I'm wishing I had thought to use it when piping melted chocolate to make the gate for my Graveyard Cake - it would have come out a whole lot better!

For whatever reason, I have no problem using a piping bag for frosting, meringue, or  even marshmallow, but when it comes to icing, I'm a complete disaster. I either squeeze too hard and too much pours out, or I'm trying to do detail work and the bag is obstructing my view or flopping around. It got to where I was just using a tasting spoon to flood the cookies and a lobster pick to draw on any details. Once in a while, I'd pour the icing into a snack-sized zip-top bag and snip out a corner, but these deco pens are awesome! They're a great size, easy to fill, come with four different tips, and they're silicone, so they are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. 

I have tried piping squeeze bottles, pens, you name it - this is the first product that really worked with me rather than somehow working against me. At $18.00, they may be pricier than other products, but I think they're well worth it. As a matter of fact, after using it last week, I immediately went online and ordered two more. They arrived in the mail today, which is what prompted me to write this post.

They come in a few different sizes, but I stuck with the 3 oz. version for easy handling. They even have a larger one that comes in a set with a stenciled mat for piping and baking macarons. 

There's still time ... if you plan on icing holiday cookies this year, or like to smear plates (there's a tip for that) or drizzle other dishes, you should definitely consider this handy little gadget!

And ahem (clears throat), should anyone at Lékué happen to see this post and feel compelled to send me a different product of theirs to try out, I'd be more than happy to oblige!  ;)

Oh, and I would have included more pics and the recipe for the cookies I used them on, but they were my test batch of a new recipe I came up with for my annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap cookies, and I can't officially share them until December 16. Sorry, you'll just have to tune in on the 16th to check them out.

To order your own ...

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