Hye Thyme Cafe: Kitchen Tip: How to Leak Proof a Foil-Lined Tray When Faced with a Short Roll of Foil

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kitchen Tip: How to Leak Proof a Foil-Lined Tray When Faced with a Short Roll of Foil

Have you ever wanted to throw a tray of, say, bacon or meatballs in the oven and thought oh crud, then I have to deal with a tray full of grease!  If you're lucky, you have a large roll of foil on hand.  But what do you do when your foil is narrower than your tray?  No problem!!

Cut two lengths of foil slightly longer than your tray, to allow for wrapping over the edge.

Lay one sheet of foil on top of the other, with the same sides facing - shiny to shiny or dull to dull.  Along one long edge, make a small fold, and repeat two or three times, smoothing it down as you fold.

Now you can open the foil in one large sheet to wrap your tray, and the seam you created will be leak-proof.  

Go ahead and bake/roast/broil that drippy greasy mess ...

When you're done, just let the grease cool so it solidifies (mostly anyhow - depends on what you made).

Then just wrap it into a pouch and toss it in the trash!

Look Ma, no leaks!  :)


  1. Nice, I never seem to be able to get that right and get leaks. Of course I also usually put a knife or fork through it and defeat the whole point, but that's a completely different fail.

    1. Oh no! I don't have that problem with foil, but I am famous for that when trying to fill something - I'll be making stuffed meatballs or grape leaves or something and invariably stick a fingernail through them and have to keep re-doing.


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