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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Smokey Slow Roasted Brisket

Smokey Slow Roasted Brisket : Hye Thyme Cafe

My friend Joy recently made the mistake of mentioning on Facebook that she wanted to cook a brisket. That planted the seed in my mind that I just couldn't shake. Brisket is my favorite dish at our local BBQ joint, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, and although I say local, it's really a good 45" or so away from me, so I don't go all that often. They also make fabulous fried green tomatoes, but that's another story.

I looked for a brisket the next time I was at the market but didn't see any, so I thought that was the end of it, but the other day, I still had it on my mind when I came across a three pounder, so I had to grab it! I knew it wouldn't be the same since I don't have a smoker at my disposal, but I was determined to give it a shot.

Not only did it turn out pretty darn good on its own, but it made for some awesome sandwiches later! The trick is to marinate it for at least 24 hours and then to slowwwwwwww cook it in the oven to ensure that it comes out tender and flavorful.

3 lb brisket
1 T hickory smoked salt
2 t smoked paprika
2 t onion powder
1 t garlic powder
1/2 t cayenne pepper
2 t black pepper
1 T brown sugar
2 T olive oil

12 oz bag broccoli slaw
1/2 c mayonnaise
1 T vinegar
1 t celery seed
1/8 t onion powder
2 T sugar
  1. Whisk together the spices for rub, then add the olive oil to create a paste
  2. If your brisket has a particularly thick slab of fat on one side, carefully trim to about 1/4" thick
  3. Rub the brisket all over with the spice mixture, transfer to a zip-top bag and refrigerate for at least 24 hours, giving it a little massage once or twice along the way - If you have liquid smoke, you might want to add a few drops - I thought I had some but couldn't find it
  4. Transfer the brisket to a covered baking dish and let come up to room temp so it's not going in the oven cold
  5. Roast, covered, for about 5 hours at 225, fat-side UP
  6. Drain any accumulated liquids, flip roast and return to oven for another hour, uncovered, to allow for caramelization - the best part
  7. Let rest for about 20" before slicing, against the grain and serving with your favorite BBQ Sauce (that should be Dinosaur BBQ!)

Smokey Slow Roasted Brisket : Hye Thyme Cafe

Smokey Slow Roasted Brisket : Hye Thyme Cafe

If there are any leftovers, drizzle with BBQ sauce to keep moist and refrigerate, then make these sandwiches the next day ...

For the slaw, just whisk together the dressing ingredients and toss with the broccoli mixture. If you know you'll be making it ahead of time, letting if chill will allow the flavors to meld, but if you make and eat it right away, it will still be plenty flavorful.
  1. Toast English Muffins
  2. Top the bottom half with sliced brisket
  3. Drizzle with additional BBQ sauce if desired
  4. Pile broccoli slaw on top of the brisket
  5. Cover with English Muffin top
I don't generally make sandwiches on English Muffins, OR pile slaw in my sandwiches, but this was really good, so I'm glad I tried it.  :)

Smokey Slow Roasted Brisket : Hye Thyme Cafe

Smokey Slow Roasted Brisket : Hye Thyme Cafe


  1. Okay, now you have me craving Dinosaur BBQ (our closest one is in Troy).

    1. I just read on Facebook last night that they'll be opening one in Chicago next. I just hope it doesn't turn into one of those places that expands so much they lose their charm and change the menu so much it doesn't even resemble the original anymore. :(


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