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Friday, March 28, 2014

Finish the Sentence Friday: "I went to a concert ..."

Truth be told, I've never been much of a concertgoer.  I suppose that started because I wasn't allowed to go to concerts when I was young.  I still remember the one time I was allowed to go to a concert - it was The Go Go's, and the show was opened by A Flock of Seagulls.  Not sure how that all came about.

A little while down the road, in spending so much time (and then living) on Cape Cod, I started going to a lot of concerts at The Melody Tent. The great thing about that place is, not only is it a small venue, but it's a theatre-in-the-round.  It's literally a huge tent with a stage in the center that turns, so no matter where you are, you still have a great view.  I went to a bazillion concerts there, and nearly as many comedy shows.

I guess that spoiled me, because by the time I was old enough to not worry about being allowed to go to a concert, I didn't get the point.  In a big stadium, you are often so far away you can barely see what's going on, and because the crowds are so huge and noisy, you can't even hear.  I'd rather watch a video of the tour.

The one concert I did intentionally go to, and am still glad I did, was the Elton John / Billy Joel Face-to-Face tour.  That was awesome!

All that said, what came to mind for me when faced with this week's prompt of "I went to a concert ..." was the time when I had first moved to New Orleans, and a friend's hubby had to go out of town for work.  She called and asked if I wanted to use his ticket and go to the Rolling Stones Voo Doo concert with her at the Superdome.  As I said, I wasn't particularly interested in going to any concert at such an enormous venue, but I had never been inside the Superdome before, and she didn't have anyone else to go with at the time, so I said sure.  All I remember thinking was that Mick Jagger had to be on speed or something, because he was zooming all over the place, making me exhausted just watching the show!  They did a great job though.

Anyhow, before the show started, or maybe during intermission, I was chatting with my friend and heard a voice behind me.  I just sort of chuckled to myself and shook my head.  My friend looked at me quizzically, so I smiled, turned my head and asked the gentleman behind us ... "Are you from Quincy by any chance??"  His eyes widened and jaw dropped.

As anyone from Massachusetts can attest, contrary to what you hear on television and on the big screen, we don't all have the same crazy accent. There are actually a number of  crazy Massachusetts accents, Quincy's being one of them.  That's where I was born, and I lived there until I was four, so lucky for me it didn't stick.  It's a doozie!  Talk about finding a needle in a haystack ... out of all the people in that massive building and with all that noise going on, I managed to sit right in front of and pick out of the crowd that hometown accent. 

What makes it even funnier is that it somehow turned into a trend.  I don't know if something happened in Quincy between 1993-1994 that sent people running to New Orleans or what, but I must have encountered five or six other folks from Quincy that year.  To make it even stranger, there was an attorney for a local school board that my boss and I worked closely with, so I got to know his assistant pretty well. By then, I was beyond ready to get my a$$ back east.  One day, Harry's secretary called me and started asking me questions about Massachusetts.  Turned out, her hubby got a transfer, and she would be moving there...of all places, to Quincy!  We tried to work something out so she could stay and I'd go with her hubby, but he wouldn't go for it for some reason. ;)  I didn't want to live in Quincy again, but at least it's close to the Cape. 

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  1. Love that coincidence of finding someone from where you grew up at the Rolling Stones concert in New Orleans. And by the way, my husband saw Billy Joel and Elton John during that tour in Philadelphia before we ever met. Still kind of jealous and wish I would have seen them together myself. Maybe they will tour again someday (fingers crossed).

    1. I was definitely glad I got a chance to go to that one, and I recall being really surprised by the reasonable price. I would have though it would be way up there, but it wasn't.

  2. Rolling Stones, wow, Chris, that sounds amazing! And meeting people from "back home" by chance there. It's always weird how people from the same area are drawn together. Several years back, I was grocery shopping in Washington when I was approached by a stranger inquiring on my accent. It turned out that his wife is from a town in Germany only about 2 hours from where I grew up. That's life :-)

    1. That is weird. Even stranger was the time I actually ran into someone I knew in Madrid?!?! Oh, that reminds me of an even funnier one ... my Dad had a business associate coming over for dinner with his family. They were from Sweden and in the States on vacation. Meanwhile, I spent the day at the beach with my best friend, her Mom and sister. I think we were 10 at the time. We met a girl our age and spent the day playing with her until we had to go home so I could get showered/dressed in time for company. So the doorbell rings, I open the door, and who's standing there? The girl from the beach! She was the daughter of my Dad's business associate. How random is that?!?! :)

  3. Chris
    excellent concert experience (have never seen the Stones live), but very cool Quincy story. (never mind the math) I can't see how anyone can not believe in magic or extra dimension or something, when you get those actuarially impossible events that start to grow and spread lol

    1. That Stones concert was excellent! Aside from Jagger's energy, the sets, props, music, etc. were all done very well.

  4. Holy cow how cool to run into somebody from such a small part of your home state with such a unique accent so far away!! I remember once in San Francisco, I ran into a guy who was wearing the same sweatshirt I had from high school - weird. Love that you did and could identify his accent. And that you saw the Stones. COOL thing, that.

  5. Ha, the sweatshirt reminds me of when I was in college - my roommate had dated a guy in the Coast Guard and had a USCG sweatshirt. Whenever we were out and about and she was wearing that, people would come up to us trying to guess what school it was - University of Southern California Graasldkfjawoeirajasdld?!?!? :)


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