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Friday, August 2, 2013

Finish the Sentence Friday "My Bucket List Includes ... "

To be honest, I don't have much of a bucket list.  There are pretty much only a handful of things that I would really like to do that I haven't yet.
  • Travel to Armenia to see where my family originated
  • Learn to speak Armenian
  • Find my Prince Charming
  • Adopt or foster at least one child (I would love to have one of my own, but my eggs are quickly approaching their expiration date)  
  • Drive across the country, spending time in each state along the way
  • Buy a little house on the beach on Cape Cod
  • Take a ride in a hot air balloon
There are other things that I would love to try, but it's not worth the pain and aggravation since I know full well that any/all of them would land me in the hospital for additional knee surgery.  You're talking about a person who had knee surgery at 16, another at 17, managed to blow out a knee just boarding an airplane, and tore an Achilles walking through the grocery store.  It's a wonder I can make it to my car in one piece on any given day!
  • Zip line through a jungle / rain forest (but only if there were no bugs)
  • Water ski (I once blew out a knee just getting out of the boat from driving everyone else around all day so they could ski!)
  • I have no desire to bungee jump, but I would love to try parasailing, hang gliding, and/or sky diving.  Hmmm, maybe I could manage parasailing without breaking anything??
  • Snowboard
  • Rollerblade - I used to love ice skating as a kid, but I could never manage to roller skate without ending up in a split somehow.  When rollerblades appeared on the scene, it occurred to me that I might have better luck with those since the inline skates are more like the blade on ice skates, but by then, my knees had grown to hate me, so I never did try them.
I'm sure as soon as I post this, a bazillion things will come to mind. Maybe I should actually put pen to paper and start a "real" list.  That would probably increase the odds of my actually completing a few of them. 

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  1. Chris, I am a klutz from way back so the second list I would sure hurt myself somehow, too. I did jetski back in the day and it was so much fun, but nowadays not so sure I would do it again, because god knows how I would muck it up and hurt myself!!

    1. Not that's one I probably COULD manage but didn't think to add to my list. That's like snowmobiling on the water, so my knees wouldn't be a big issue. I'm sure that wouldn't stop me from driving into a buouy or something though LOL.

  2. That's a very cool list :)

    And I'm annoyed cos I forgot to include paragliding on mine! You just reminded me.

    *TOTALLY* do the adoption/fostering bit...such an amazing thing. I aim to adopt in future.

    1. Even if I had gotten an early (normal?) start at a family, I always had it in my back of my mind that I wanted to adopt either an older child or siblings because they're harder to place. Wasn't until later that I started to think about fostering. Hope I'll be able to do it at some point. :)

    2. Before we got married, Husby and I planned that we'd adopt. Turns out that was just as well...

      You're spot on about the older kids and sibs. They need people so badly.

      I still think I'd find fostering too hard though - the idea of potentially letting a kid go back to its abuser (which can often be the case here)...I baulk at it.

    3. I know, that would destroy me with a pet, never mind a child!!

  3. You have such exciting things on your list...that's great! Like Janine, I am so clumsy that I trip over my own feet while walking, plus I have some serious vertigo so I could never be so adventurous, but I will definitely live through you! I look forward to reading about your adventures! Good luck to you! :)

    1. Oh no! I hope you didn't jinx me mentioning the "V" word. I've had some very serous bouts with that myself. Got to the point where I was carrying sea-sickness pills with me everywhere, just in case! The worst is always rolling over in your sleep because you're not conscious to stop yourself from flipping your world upside down. Hope you get over it soon!! I was told to try an antihistamine as well if I felt it coming on again.

  4. I have been parasailing, and it is way less dangerous than grocery shopping or getting out of a boat. Although, you do have to get in and out of a boat to parasail. To parasail, you just sit down, the parachute takes you up, and at the end they just reel you back in. I loved it.

    I pray you do get the chance to foster/adopt sometime. I would love to, but my husband does not. There are so many kids who could use a loving home.

    How many states have you been able to check off as visited? I still have lots more to see.

    1. I have a hard time answering the states question because I've driven through lots of places and stopped in many airports over the years, but that doesn't really count. ;)

      I was sooooooooo mad after the boating incident! I made the mistake of jumping out of the boat into the water - should have known better. As soon as my foot hit the sand, my knee blew out. Wasn't expecting that in the ocean, but it was more shallow than I thought where we were. :(

  5. Oh I would love a littel house in Cape cod - or o any beach for that matter! :)

    1. There's nothing like falling asleep at night listening to the waves!! Miss that! :(

  6. I'm actually thinking of fostering as well. I have a son but did not have him until I was almost 41 and am now almost 45 so giving him a sibling from my body isn't looking promising. I do like the idea of fostering though...
    And YES to hot air ballooning! Yes! Great list.

    1. Well, if I win the Powerball tomorrow night, I might give it one stab at having my own, but barring that, I think by the time I meet my Mr. Right (assuming I do), I think it will be too late by then, so I'm keeping the other options on the table. ;) Have you been hot air ballooning??


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