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Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader (Where to next?)

I suppose I should not have waited until today to do this, but I have been holding out hope that Google would change its mind.  For those of you who are not already aware of this, after today, Google will be shutting down its Reader service which, until now, has been the feed through which I have followed the bazillion other blogs I keep track of.

What I liked about Reader was that it allowed me to see everything in one place, with the option of viewing in a text-only format, so I could quickly scroll through the day's posts to decide what I wanted to view/open.  I could then tag posts however I wanted.  For me, that meant tagging recipes that interested me into typical recipe categories, tagging info-heavy posts as reference, noting posts where I have left comments so I could check back for follow-up responses, keep track of any giveaways I was participating in, blog hops, etc.  It even had a "star" system so you could prioritize posts of particular importance.

Many of my fellow bloggers have indicated that they will be switching their feeds to Bloglovin'.  Although you will be able to follow me there, as well as in other ways, I have personally switched to Feedly, which functions in much the same way as Reader and enabled me to quickly import all of my Reader settings.  The only thing that took a few minutes was converting all of my tags/labels so those posts would show up the same way in Feedly. 

For those of you who follow just a few blogs, you may decide to stick with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or e-mail subscriptions, but if you tend to follow a significant number of blogs and websites, I strongly suggest that you check out Feedly.  I follow so many blogs that I find it hard to imagine anyone doing it by e-mail.  I can barely keep track of my e-mail as it is, and I'm already getting frustrated by all of the unwanted e-mails being sent via Google+. The problem there is that you can "mute" a particular thread after you receive an e-mail, but if you "mute" the person, it blocks even direct communication from them.  I wish there was a way to just mute the e-mails of all their posts since I'll already be seeing them in my stream!

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  1. Thanks for letting us know where to find you!

    1. I was originally thinking that anyone who follows blogs via Reader would already be in the loop and know about the other ways to connect, but that turns out to not necessarily be the case. Many who aren't bloggers themselves aren't aware of some of the other sites, and although they could follow via FB, Twitter, etc., they were still wondering about a substitute feed. I was glad a few people asked me about it, because I wasn't going to mention it at all.

  2. Following you via Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect. I never used Google reader, I loved the friend connect since it was right there were my blog was..

    1. That's funny - once you added someone in Friend Connect, they showed as a subscription in Reader, so that's the only way I used GFC...unless I was on a new page and opened it to view someone's profile to see what other blogs they might have, etc. There are a LOT of people who plan to only use Bloglovin now. I'll have to spend some more time over there and see the differences. Maybe I just haven't explored enough. :)


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