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Friday, May 17, 2013

Finish the Sentence Friday: When I was younger I wanted ...

When I was younger, I wanted to be a famous race car driver.
Hmmm, no, that's not right.  

When I was younger, I wanted to be a pitcher, but I got into some trouble with a loan shark...no, that wasn't it either ...

When I was younger, I wanted to run off and join Ringling Bros.  (That might actually have been true for a while.) 

When I was younger, I wanted to be a fisherman.  Heck, I don't even eat fish, so that's not it ...

Actually, when I was younger, I really wanted to be either an archaeologist, a veterinarian, a child psychologist/social worker, or a private detective (I was a big Nancy Drew fan, then Agatha Christie, etc.).  I never ended up being any of those things.

There was no way I would ever cut it as an archaeologist considering I can't stand dirt!  It's a texture thing.  My skin is super sensitive, so I can handle mud, but not dry dirt.  Just like on the beach - I can't stand to walk in the sand, unless it's the wet sand along the water's edge.  I'm kinda like the princess and the pea - I have a hard time just holding a peach because of the fuzz, and don't even get me started about when a single strand of hair slides down the back of my shirt!

It would have been tough being a vet since I'm allergic to many cats and other fuzzy creatures.  Besides, if any crossed my path in poor condition, I'd want to steal them and take them home to care for them - much like with kids if I was a child psychologist/social work.  That would not have ended well!

Hmmm, I wonder why I never pursued being a detective.   Maybe seeing one too many episodes of The Rockford Files and Jim getting beat up all the time.  ;)

The Cardinals cap was really just a C for Chris.  If I was a baseball fan, it would have to be the Red Sox.  I actually did used to play softball for a while - can't remember which ended that for me - someone stealing my lefty mit or taking a softball to the throat.  Maybe it was the combination that took the shine off that sport LOL.

Although I was often known to be caught clowning around, that was really just trying out face makeup for Halloween.

As for fishing, with one sister and four cousins, I think this was the only solo mission I went on with my Dad to go fishing as a kid.  It was just us and the crazy dog (really was crazy) who ran down the pier straight into the water and had to be saved by Dad.

As it turned out, most of my time in high school was spent doing theatre, either in school or local productions.  I really didn't have a specific focus, so my parents were afraid I would attempt to be an actress and decided since I typed a bazillion words per minute, they shuffled me off to Katherine Gribbs Secretarial School.  That was pretty much like living in a convent for two years  - all girls, very strict, etc.   Hey, now that I think about it, I didn't become a detective, but my first job out of college was for a criminal law firm, so I was working on cases.  Some very interesting ones at that.  Even a few famous ones, but that's for another time.  So, how about you?  Did you have any grand plans back in the day??  Did any of them pan out???

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