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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Faux Timpano di Maccheroni: A Marx Foods Challenge

If my sanity was ever in question, I'm pretty sure this one fully establishes that I'm a few fries short of a Happy Meal! Why do I do this to myself? I just can't resist a challenge ... well, at least a kitchen challenge. I volunteered for yet another Marx Foods recipe challenge, and this time around, the theme was Dinner for Dessert. Each participant was sent a sample of cocoa-flavored penne pasta and had to come up with a dessert that resembles an actual meal, while making sure the pasta plays "a major role in the finished dish."  

What on earth was I going to do with brown pasta? That's when my Pinterest switch flipped. I remembered having pinned a recipe a while back for a Timpano, never having seen such a thing before. If this is also new to you, it is a dome, sometimes made out of a bread or pizza dough, sometimes out of lasagna noodles or even phyllo dough. Inside this dome is typically found a layer of penne dressed in a red sauce/gravy, a layer of meatballs and/or sausage, etc., cheese, another layer of penne dressed in a bechamel sauce, and some halved hard-boiled eggs.

If you were to run a Google search, this is what you would likely see ...

Try as I did, I couldn't get my brain to move on to anything else, so I went with it. We'll suspend belief when it comes to the pasta and pretend it's a whole wheat, beet, or squid ink pasta to account for its dark color. 

I'm not bothering with an actual recipe because: a) I think it's pretty self explanatory by the description below; and b) I don't think anyone reading this will be crazy enough to make it themselves.  ;)

Because some of the versions I looked up appeared to have breadcrumbs on the outside, I was first thinking about using a sugar cookie dough for the shell, first spraying the bowl and lining it with crushed almonds for the breadcrumbs. Because I don't have a glass bowl the right size to have been able to see what was going on while it was baking, I figured it would be safer to switch to a blondie batter. I didn't want the cookie to be too brittle in the end.  

I pressed the dough into the bowl and attempted to bake it, only to take a peek in the oven and realize it had all slid to the bottom of the bowl. Next I tried a cream cheese pastry dough, thinking that was stiffer and would hold up better. Not so much! No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to work. I didn't consider that ahead of time - trying to bake a bowl shape "inside" the bowl so it could be filled while not having a bowl to nest inside of it to keep the shape. I tried puff pastry, but that was actually the worst. I finally gave up and used a [flushes red with embarrassment] store-bought pie crust. I wrapped the dough over the rim of the bowl to hold it up, then shaved it back once baked.

I boiled the pasta in lightly salted water and tossed it in a bit of olive oil when it came out, per the package instructions, so it wouldn't stick together before I could get to it. And yes, it tastes exactly as the name suggests. I'll be curious to try it in a savory application sometime.

I baked one round layer of a red velvet cake, using the rest of the batter for cupcakes. To the cake batter, I added a touch of brown food gel coloring for more of a cooked meatball color. I sliced off the edges and rolled cubes from the center of the cake into meatballs.

Hard Boiled Egg Whites:
Because I am currently without a stand mixer, I was not going to attempt homemade marshmallow for this, so I melted down some store-bought marshmallows with a little butter. I lucked out and found some plastic Easter eggs at the grocery store that open lengthwise, so I sprayed the halves with PAM Baking and dusted them with a little cornstarch, filling them with the marshmallow mixture.

Hard Boiled Egg Yolks:
For the yolks, I baked one round layer of a lemon cake, adding a few drops of a lemon emulsion for an extra burst of flavor and some food coloring gel to deepen the color. Again, I used to rest of the batter for cupcakes and sliced the edges off the cake, rolling cubes into "yolks." I sliced them in half so that when I filled the egg shells with the marshmallow, I could press a half into each.

Whipped and thinned some Philadelphia White Chocolate Indulgence with a little cream.

Ragu/Red Sauce:
Cooked down some frozen strawberries with a bit of sugar and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, then mashed them.

Layer everything inside the baked shell, pop the top [soon to be bottom] on, invert onto a platter and cross your fingers that the shell is a) baked; and b) lets go of the bowl!! This would have been a heck of a lot easier if I could have filled it and then baked it, but I was afraid my "eggs" would melt.

Faux Bechamel
Faux Bechamel
Faux Ragu / Red Sauce
Faux Ragu/Red Sauce
Pie crust shell
Pie Crust Shell
Faux hard boiled eggs
Faux Hard-boiled Eggs

Boiled cocoa-flavored penne
Penne Layer
Bechamel layer
Bechamel Layer

Hard boiled egg layer
Upside-down egg layer
Ragu/Red Sauce Layer
Ragu/Red Sauce Layer

Inverted faux timpano
Yay!  It let go of the bowl!

Sliced faux timpano

If you'll excuse me, I have to answer the door. I see two gentlemen in nice while uniforms. They're coming to take me away ...


  1. haha, this looks pretty crazy :) in a good way, of course! i've never tried a timpano, but love what you did here!

    1. After this, the "real thing" must be a breeze! I'll have to try that next. :)

  2. Not sure if I am scared of you or admire you. ;-)

    1. I'm a little scared of me if that helps LOL.

  3. This was a tough one wasn't it? I kept staring at that pasta, and it just stared back at me for a loooong time.

    1. I think it was really the color that threw me more than anything - wondering what I would make as a "real" entree with cocoa penne...

  4. It sounds crazy! A great post for that challenge! Haven't heard of Timpano before, thanks for introducing it to me!

    1. It sounds crazy or I sound crazy?? ;)

  5. This is insane and fun and incredible! The real question, how did it taste? :-)

  6. How could you go wrong with chocolate, marshmallow, white chocolate, and strawberry? All of the flavors go well together - except maybe the lemon yolks? But as it is, it was the type of thing I ate mostly individually anyhow - an egg, then a meatball, then the pasta with some white chocolate (bechamel sauce), then pasta with the strawberry (ragu/red sauce) ... it all worked. :)


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