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Friday, November 9, 2012

Sriracha and Lime Ponzu Marinated Steak

I guess until I make this again to see if it turns out as awesome, this is really more bragging than posting.  J

I stopped by my sister's the other night and ended up leaving with a steak. I figured I had better cook or freeze it last night, and having just come home with a bottle of Lime Ponzu and a bottle of Sriracha, I figured what the heck. I frequently use soy sauce in different marinades, and Ponzu is largely soy sauce. I am also a pushover when it comes to Sriracha (or pretty much anything else that turns up the heat).

I have gotten into the habit of searing steaks in a grill pan, then finishing them in the oven, but I skipped the oven this time around.

I marinated the steak in a quarter cup of Lime Ponzu and about a tablespoon of Sriracha for two hours, massaging and flipping it half-way through. That's a lot of Sriracha for a piece of meat this size. It's usually one of those things where "a little dab'll do ya."

While bringing the grill pan up to heat - with just a shot of cooking spray, I drained and blotted the steak, seasoning it on both sides with kosher salt. Although I did blot the meat so it wouldn't end up steaming, I was assuming the flavors of the marinade would have penetrated. As it turns out, I really got no heat, and didn't taste the Ponzu, but after grilling for 3" on each side and letting it rest for 5 minutes, I was left with one of the tastiest and juiciest steaks I can remember. Like they say, it was "like butter;" perfectly tender and pink throughout.

I can't wait to try it again!!

Love that you can see the steam
1/4 c ponzu, 1T Sriracha

Grilled 3" on each side


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, it was, but like I said, until I try it again, I won't be sure it was the marinade. Might have just lucked out and gotten an awesome steak LOL.


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