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Friday, December 16, 2011

Backstage at the Betty Crocker Kitchens

I have been so inundated with e-mail lately, that I just unearthed this clip today - even though I apparently received it three weeks ago!  I'm glad I didn't delete it.  It was actually pretty interesting.  I had no idea that Betty Crocker was the first radio cooking show.  Seems kinda funny that there were radio cooking shows.  I'm a fanatic about not buying cookbooks with no pictures - imagine me trying to function from a radio recipe!  

I also had no idea that the Big Red cookbook is one of the best selling books in the world.  That's pretty impressive.  Equally impressive is the fact that Betty Crocker was once dubbed one of the most famous women in America, second only to Eleanore Roosevelt.  Why is that so impressive?  Betty Crocker was never a real person.  LOL

Check out this video for some interesting info, ways to connect with BC that you might not be aware of, etc.  Looks like a fun place to work!


  1. Brought back memories, I was awarded the Betty Crocker award in high school.

  2. That's cool! What was it for? Not sure if it was the highest grade in Home Ec or a contest, etc??

  3. It is hard to remember, I am pretty sure that it was a test that home ec students from several regions took. I scored the highest. Too bad it wasn't anything monetary.

  4. LOL - Did you at least get a copy of "Big Red" out of the deal? I think in my day, that and Fannie Farmer were the two "starter" cookbooks for people.

  5. No free cookbook, just an award presented in an assembly. The Betty Crocker Cookbook from that year may have been my favorite go to cookbook of all time. Every recipe I ever cooked from there turned out great. When my baby sister "set up housekeeping" I gave mine to her and told her that the recipes were awesome and very easy to make. Now I miss that cookbook, haven't talked to that sister for over 20 years. Sigh.

  6. 20 years?!? Dang, one (or both) of you really knows how to hold a grudge! Tis the season to do something about that while you still have the chance! Look how many deaths friends of ours have experienced lately and all the health problems, etc. How would either of you feel if you missed the chance to re-connect? :(

    As for the cookbook, I totally agree. It's been a while since I looked at it, so I might tweak some stuff to make it more "current," but definitely a great book to fall back on. I think the only thing I really look at nowadays is the Encyclopedia of Cooking. I don't even look at that much - I kinda like winging it and experimenting.


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