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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Plates Courtesy of Marx Foods

The folks over at Marx Foods recently sent me a sampling of their Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf plates to try out. Upon opening them, my first impression was that they were more sturdy than I had anticipated, and "Ecovision Bioplate" embossing aside, more attractive as well.

I wanted to test them out with a variety of weights, textures, liquid content, heat, etc., and found that they stood up to everything. I even microwaved some leftovers with no problem. I did stop short of popping one in the dishwasher to see what would happen. After all, they are leaves. Yup, leaves! Not even the yanked off the tree kinda leaves. When these people say Eco-Friendly, they're not kidding. These leaves from the Adaka Palm Tree were harvested off the forest floor, processed all naturally, stretched, cut, and molded using a heated press.

Because no two leaves are created equal, each plate has it's own unique "wood-grain" finish.


Here are some of the items I used them with. They held up great against salad dressings, meat drippings, melted butter, steak knives, etc.

Nutella Rolls

Edamame Salad
Grapenut Custard
Beef Rollatini
Grapenut Stuffed Chicken

I intentionally let items stay on the plates for quite some time, to see if they would leak through, but that didn't happen.

Although these plates are probably not the most wallet-friendly on the market, if you are looking for a green option, this has got to be as good as it gets! Completely biodegradable and compostable, they definitely make a statement. Although they are meant to be disposable, if used for sandwiches and other drier items, you could definitely get away with hand washing and re-using them. 

The only real drawback I encountered was the molding process. Most of the plates did not sit quite flat, so depending on what I was trying to eat off of them, a few tended to tilt or spin. On that same note, I would say that they are ideal for an informal cocktail party or buffet-style event where people will be wandering with their plates and eating off of their lap rather than at a table. The texture of the leaves themselves offer some traction where their paper and plastic counterparts fail. Additionally, lack of a perfectly flat bottom makes them less likely to slide off your guests' laps.

Whether you are looking give the environment a break or just serve your guests on something they may not have seen before, I would highly recommend giving these plates a try. If you wander over to Marx, you will see the different size and shape options, along with some more info about the process itself. 

My thanks to Marx Foods for the samples, and again opening my eyes to new possibilities.

** Please note that I was not compensated for this post. The plates were provided to me purely as a sample, whether I chose to blog about them or not.


  1. Eco-friendly plates from Marx Foods are really awesome and they have opened a new way to entertain my guests. All these while, I preferred stylish glass and plastic dinnerware. Now, I can proudly go with the palm leaf plates. The uniqueness of these plates is that each one will be unique in its shape. Highly affordable and filled with lots of amazing benefits, these plates can hold any kind of food with elan. Thanks, Marx Foods for letting out the secrets of the palm leaf plates.

  2. Because they're unique, they're kind of a conversation starter too. :)


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