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Friday, July 29, 2011

Having a Weird Birthday!

Yup, I turned 45 today (shhh, don't tell anyone!).  It was a pretty ordinary day until after dinner, then it took a turn for the odd.

I saw a Tweet from the local newspaper that there was a house fire up the street from me.  Since none of us saw, heard, or smelled a fire, we assumed it was a mis-print and was the Lane by the same name as our Road.

Then my sister walked in asking if I had room for dessert. As I was getting ready to say "God no!" I saw what was in her hand and cracked up laughing!  

A little more than a year ago, I saw some clown cupcakes online. We were talking about cakes one day shortly after that for some reason, so I mentioned it to her. Then I decided to be wise, so I insisted that when my birthday rolled around, I expected her to make a cake for me like that. My birthday came and went without a clown.  :(

You may have noticed the smushed face on the right side of the pic. That was the clown she made for me tonight. Sadly, I was holding the plate and tilted it toward me to take a picture. Any guesses as to what happened next? I dumped him right on my shirt!! I felt soooooo bad. For my sister, not the clown. 

Aside from ripping off half his face, I managed to trash the poor little guy's bowtie and poke him in the eye.  Sorry dude!

I uploaded the pic and was just about to start this post when she walked in with the other clown. Then I felt even worse. Of course, I was laughing even harder. I much prefer the new guy's bow tie.  ;)

So I upload that pic when all of a sudden, I see something zip across my peripheral view. Rut roh ... we had a deluge earlier, and it's still raining. It was starting to feel like I was at the circus - first a clown, then a little mouse performer. Lucky for me, he ran right under my desk and into a re-usable shopping bag, so I didn't have to chase him down. Even though we employ the "catch and release" method, I hated having to dispatch the little guy out in this weather. I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight in case he comes back.

THEN ... I overhear half a telephone conversation about the fire. Apparently it IS on our street and someone was calling to make sure we were OK - not knowing our house number. As I'm listening to that, an ambulance drives up the street from the other direction with its interior lights on, like they're working on someone in the back. That can't be good! About 30 seconds later, another ambulance comes down the street (no lights) from the direction the fire was at. We live on a circle, and the fire is at the exit end, so the ambulances would have had nothing to do with that house or they wouldn't have passed us.

What the heck is going on tonight?!?!

I may have killed a clown and caught a mouse, but I sure hope all of our neighbors are OK!!!



  1. Happy belated birthday to you. How sweet of your sister to make the cake for you.

  2. Thanks you! And yes, that was very sweet/silly of her! :)

  3. Happy birthday...I love those little clown cakes.

  4. They're either very funny or very creepy. I'm still undecided. ;)

  5. Very cute!! I'm going more towards a little creepy but very creative!! lol Happy Belated Birthday!! :)


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