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Monday, July 11, 2011

Epic Fail - Ice Cream Bread

About a year or so ago, I ran across the website for Instructables. One of the first things I saw there was a posting about Ice Cream Bread. I thought uhuh, right ... and passed by it. All of a sudden, I'm seeing it pop up on blogs here and there. I decided to read one, and it kinda made sense; the theory being that the ice cream already has the eggs, sugar, milk, flavoring, etc., so you're just adding on to the beginnings of a recipe.

I recently made a Pumpkin Butterfinger Ice Cream Pie for a Nestle Kitchens challenge and had extra ice cream in the freezer, so I decided to give it a try. A few of the sites I looked at called for equal parts ice cream / flour. Some called for slightly less flour, while others called for additional sugar. I figured since my ice cream already had chunks of Butterfinger running through it, there was no need for more sweet.  

Since I was starting out with a random amount of ice cream being stored in a take-out type container, I measured out an equal amount of flour in another take-out container and stirred that into the ice cream, a little at a time, until it came together in a quick-bread kind of batter texture. I also threw in some extra cinnamon.

Per the recipes I had looked at, I anticipated it baking at 350 for about a half hour. Knowing my texture would be slightly different because my ice cream also had pumpkin in it, I planned to keep a careful eye on it at the approach of the 30" mark. Well, that came and went, and it still looked pretty raw, so I let it go to 45" then checked again. It was still a light color, but I stuck a tester in it just to be sure. It came out clean, but I could tell from the resistance I felt that it wasn't right and left it in even longer.  

When it went past an hour, I finally gave up and pulled it out thinking it must be over-done. I let it cool completely before cutting into it, and as you can see from the above shot, it looks more like peanut butter fudge than anything else!

Have any of you made a successful attempt at ice cream bread? I'm wondering if it would be worth trying again sometime, sans pumpkin filling. I can see that having some impact on the texture, but that doesn't account for an additional half hour of baking time and still being under done?!?! Any ideas?????  :( 



  1. I love this idea, and peanut butter fudge "cake" isn't necessarily a bad thing. ;) Looking forward to seeing if you try it again with more success!

  2. LOL - If you get daring and try it again before I get back to it, let me know how it turns out. ;)

  3. Wow, I just made this except I made mine into cupcakes. Mine came out just fine. What kind of flour did you use? Go check out my cupcakes, and ingredients. I had no problems at all with my recipe. It was fast and simple. Great blog you have here.......

  4. Thanks re: the blog comment. As for the bread, I'll definitely try it again at some point. Not sure what brand of flour we had in the bucket at the time, but it was an AP flour. I just saw another recipe that had a different ratio of ice cream to flour. I'll definitely check out your cupcakes. :)


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