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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coffee Talk (and Boozey Iced Coffee)

While scrolling through my daily Google Reader posts of blogs I follow, I saw Ree Drummond's (The Pioneer Woman) post on Perfect Iced Coffee. I thought "Ooh, that looks good. I never make coffee at home though," and I passed it by. Anyone who follows my blog knows that I'm a Dunkin Junkie, so I'm the drive-thru coffee queen. However, one of my favorite alcoholic beverages is a Toasted Almond, which is Kahlua, Amaretto, and cream ... or milk ... or vanilla ice cream. The post kept coming to mind over the next day or two, so I decided to try a Toasted Almond version.

I followed Ree's instructions using Dunkin Donuts coffee, Poland Spring water (2 gal less the volume of alcohol), a 375 ml bottle of Kahlua, and a 200 ml bottle of Disaronno Amaretto.  My inner Dunkin Junkie loved it. The Toasted Almond fan, however, wants more alcohol next time. (No, it wasn't just me who thought so!)


Growing up in Massachusetts, a "Regular" was always a hot coffee with cream and sugar. When I first moved to New Orleans back in 93, when I walked into a Dunkin Donuts and asked for a regular, they looked at me like I was an alien. They had no idea what I meant. Around that same time, my sister and her family moved to New York. Similarly, they went to Dunkin Donuts and asked for a "regular," only to be handed a hot black coffee. They had to start ordering their coffee not only as having cream and sugar, but as a "regular" as opposed to "decaf" with cream and sugar. Now that I'm living in NY as well, I noticed that I've never had to specify regular/decaf, but I do ask for cream and sugar. I'm not sure if "Regular" is a New England thing, or just MA.

At least I can understand the confusion on that count, but another weird thing when I first moved to New Orleans was decaf. They didn't have it?!? I was at Dunkin Donuts with a cousin one night. She was off caffeine at the time, so I ordered my "Regular" and her decaf. What did they bring her??? Instant Sanka! Um, excuse me? Dunkin Donuts makes their own decaf! They had NO IDEA!!! It's one thing not to have it - weird, but OK - but to not be aware your own company makes decaf??? This was in the mid 90s by the way.

Going back to the iced coffee (but still in New Orleans), I was on my way to work and stopped into Dunkin for my morning jump start. I noticed a new display of bags of coffee and that there were new flavors. I think there was a Hazelnut and a French Vanilla. Anyhow, I made a comment about it to the woman behind the counter (whom I knew well by then), and she got very excited. She said, and I quote ... "That's nothing. Get this... Pretty soon, we're going to have i-c-e-d coffee!!!" She could barely contain herself. Really? I know the brew of choice below the Mason-Dixon line is Sweet Tea, but to never have heard of iced coffee? Wow! I didn't have the heart to tell her. Again, this was in the 90s.

OK, my last coffee story is just for giggles and points to how much of a Dunkin Junkie I really am. For anyone who follows me regularly, I'll see you next time (I think I've mentioned this before). For those of you who are new here, I was walking from the parking lot to my office one morning, came to a crosswalk, had the light, there was a car stopped at the light to my right, so I started crossing. Half-way thru, while I was DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the car to my right, the tool behind the wheel decided it was the perfect time to jump the light! Now, I may be on the short side at 5'5", but I'm no waif, so I certainly made a clear target. Better yet, it was raining out, so I was also walking with an open umbrella, making me an even more visible target! Here's where the chuckles come in ...

When he hit me, I went flying up on the hood of his car. I don't know which of us was more startled, me looking in at him, or him looking out at me. Luckily, the arm with the umbrella swung up. If it had gone down, and I was still holding on, it probably would have pulled me down and under the car. So there I was, sprawled out across the hood of this little red car, with an umbrella still in one hand, and my coffee still in the other. I slide off the car in a slight panic. I mean, I knew I was still alive, but I had right knee surgery as a kid, and that's where he hit me; I also mangled my back in a car accident years ago. I stood up, shook it off and thought OK, my knee is fine, and my back doesn't hurt. Then I looked at my coffee and saw that some had sloshed out of the steam vent in the cover, so I sucked it up. THAT was my response to getting hit by a car?? I immediately realized how ridiculous that was, said "I'm fine" and started off for the office again. A woman I had never met before, who works in an office across the street from me, ran up and handed me a note with the license plate number of the guy who hit me in case I needed it. Luckily, even after the shock wore off, I was just fine - embarrassed, but fine!  LOL

OK, now that you've had your daily chuckle at my expense, go make some iced coffee. And if you decide to try my boozey version, add more booze - at least more Amaretto.


  1. Man, that is a slightly traumatic story! And YOU should not have been embarrassed!

  2. This was a great post! I LOL several times. heehee

  3. It gets even funnier. The day I got hit by the car, I called my Mom later to tell her about it. She actually one-upped me and told me her gas grill had blown up on her the same day and the fire dept had to be called in because it was hooked to a gas line rather than a tank, so she was afraid the house would go up. Everything was OK but the grill thank goodness! She always has to top me! ;)

  4. I grew up in MA too... and totally miss my "regular" coffee!!!!! I've never found it anywhere else... and why the heck has it never occurred to me to make my iced coffee boozey??? I often make hot coffee boozey!! I need get with the program!

  5. We're a gallon down, and I think aside from the first two glasses, I'm the only one who has been around to be drinking it. Shhhh! ;)

  6. I too, had to laugh, but am glad you were okay.

    Only a month or so ago I walked into a local McDonalds here and asked for a decaf latte. The cashier looked at the register, couldn't find a button for it and politely told me they didn't do decaf lattes. Then I watched the lady behind her take a pot of decaf coffee and make someone a decaf coffee, then take the pot of regular coffee to make my latte. I was in awe. Haven't been back to order a coffee at McD's since (it was on the way to work and there was no parking at Starbucks or I never would have tried it in the first place!).

  7. This looks SUPER yummy!!! I'm going to have to try this!

    1. It's too colllllllllllld out now for iced coffee!! But definitely make it in the summer. :)


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