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Welcome to the Hy
e Thyme Cafe. Although not all of my recipes are Armenian, the name is a little nod to my Armenian grandmother who is no longer with us. The Hye refers to all things related to her homeland, and she represents all things food-related to me, so the two just seemed to go together. I can't even claim that my Armenian recipes are truly Armenian, since Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon, Syria, and even Egypt share so many foods that they've all sort of morphed into one over thousands of years.

Whether you like to cook, bake, have never done either, or just like to play with your food...come on in and join me! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I spotted the Easter Bunny in my yard earlier. Not sure if he was getting a head start on hiding eggs or if he just wanted to sample my cheesecake??  
I'm not posting anything today - everything is sort of half done right now, so nothing new. Me and the Easter Bunny just wanted to hop in and wish everyone a Happy Easter!!

Don't forget to check my post from yesterday for a Cookbook Giveaway!  :)



  1. Great Blog and love your pics, Happy Blogging from Eastern Asia.


  2. Thanks Farida! Was trying to check out your page, but my computer decided to start and update and locked up. I'll have to try again later. :)


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