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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cheesy Squash Rings

Cheesy Squash Rings : Hye Thyme Cafe

When I was a kid, this was the only squash I would eat. I don't mean Summer Squash and Zucchini. I mean literally, this version. When I would be staying over at my best friend's house, her Mom would often make Summer Squash with dinner and point out that she was making it because she knows how much I love it. I realize she meant well [I hope she's not reading this], so I appreciated it, but it was awful!!! I think she just boiled it. Although I must say that I always loved her salad! I don't know what it was that was so different, other than that she pre-tossed it with dressing, but it was awesome! Thanks Nancy! :)

I hated squash so much, I would actually cry over it ...and fish ...and mushrooms ...and liver ...ya, I was a brat apparently. One night when we had fish, I broke out in red splotches and thought YESSS, I'm allergic and they'll never try and make me eat it again! Wrong, that was the start of me breaking out in stress hives! The next time it happened was at the dentist's office. The poor hygienist kept asking me if I was OK and sticking a mirror in front of me. All she did was a cleaning, so what was there to look at? I had no idea she was freaking out thinking there was something tragically wrong with me. Again, I was excited at the prospect of being allergic to their toothpaste and never having to go back, but alas, two and two added up to four and my cover was blown. I still do that actually - if not red splotches, then tiny bubbles (suddenly I'm hearing Don Ho singing) like blisters. It's very odd that my brain and body don't agree on what is stressful because the backs of my hands are covered in them right now, and I have no idea why!  

Why am I talking about this? Oh ya, I h-a-t-e-d squash as a kid. Now I love it; summer squash, zucchini, butternut, acorn, spaghetti, you name it. I still mostly fall back to this one though. Simple, easy, and delicious - what more could you ask for? Oh, but you can still keep the fish, mushrooms, and liver - yechhh!

2 summer squash - sliced into rings
2 zucchini - sliced into rings
2-3 lg onions - sliced
2-3 T tomato paste
pinch of sugar
  (I usually use grape tomatoes or halved cherry tomatoes)
A few slices of Swiss or American cheese

Saute the onions in a little olive oil or butter.  

Add the squash, tomato paste, and sugar. Simmer, covered, for about 15", stirring occasionally. The squash should be almost cooked through by now. Add the tomatoes and give it another 5" or so.

Cheesy Squash Rings : Hye Thyme Cafe

Turn off the heat, lay the cheese over the top and put the cover back on while you're setting the table or plating. The residual heat will melt the cheese.

Cheesy Squash Rings : Hye Thyme Cafe

If you have kids who hate squash, definitely give this a try! The tomato paste and that little pinch of sugar really make the difference!


  1. It really is. Lousy name though. I grew up just referring to it as Summer Squash because that was how we always had it. LOL

  2. I have been so hungry for summer squash lately. I am begging hubby to plant some in our garden, he is not a fan. This recipe sounds great, I love summer squash almost any way you can think of to fix it. Mmmmm.

  3. Patti, this is DEFINITELY my favorite way to eat summer squash! :)


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