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e Thyme Cafe. Although not all of my recipes are Armenian, the name is a little nod to my Armenian grandmother who is no longer with us. The Hye refers to all things related to her homeland, and she represents all things food-related to me, so the two just seemed to go together. I can't even claim that my Armenian recipes are truly Armenian, since Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon, Syria, and even Egypt share so many foods that they've all sort of morphed into one over thousands of years.

Whether you like to cook, bake, have never done either, or just like to play with your food...come on in and join me! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Apricot-Lemon Parfait

What do you do when you have a vat-o-yogurt in the fridge and a bowl of excess cheesecake crust fixins? Pop open a can of fruit and make parfaits! Had we not been in the middle of a deep freeze, I would have used some nice fresh peaches, plums, or berries, but hey, a can of apricots is great in a pinch!

As for the cheesecake crust, that was made with crushed lemon snap cookies, a little butter, lemon zest, and brown sugar.

Fill the bottom of your container of choice with a layer of yogurt, top with diced fruit, another layer of yogurt, then the crumbs, and repeat. Voila, a quick semi-healthy dessert.

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